I cannot express how grateful I am that God is so evident in our trip to see my sis. She is able to do anything, it just takes longer to walk to the car, get ourselves ready, etc. But, it is a great blessing to find all my fears were for naught. I fought fear and anxiety a good deal ahead of arriving trying to Trust. Now that we are here I see just how much God has done that I hadn’t even expected. Bonnie says God has her still here because He wants her to proclaim His Glory! That much alone makes me joyful!

We spent most of the day yesterday with my Aunt Billie and my cousins, her kids that live here. It was such a fun day starting at church with them. I love their church and the Spirit of God which is very evident.

One big lesson this trip has already taught me is that praising God ahead of time because He is God, is exactly the right thing to do. Trusting God, knowing He cares far more deeply than we ever could, is to be a daily practice. God has already shown me just how much He cares!

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