It is so obvious that God is working here. I’ve written about the evidence of this for a couple of days. It is also obvious just how fragile our human life is. Our human flesh is weak and we want to be invincible so we make prideful decisions that can make it appear that God isn’t working at all. I see this happening here too. I do it daily myself as I suppose all of mankind does to one degree or another.

Tomorrow we will encounter a situation that is one of the ugliest for us to do while here. I have hoped that we could step into the details of what makes it ugly, yet at the same time, it could worsen. I have no idea if God will open a door for it, yet I know if He does, He will also provide the words and atmosphere for it to show Him rather than just be man’s words.

God is so AMAZING and I love Him with all my heart. May His Will be done and may He be GLORIFIED!

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