God’s goodness to us is simply amazing! I go far too long forgetting this dynamic truth. My devotions of late have been addressing the work God does in us ahead of His using the work. What I mean by this is that God has patiently allowed me to struggle in my own strength so I could finally find His healing from His Strength through surrendering. The greatest and most humbling part of this for me has been finding how my struggling years are used now in my story to help someone else find their own victory without struggling so long. It is so humbling to know that even the struggle God uses when I surrender all of this to Him.

Last night’s lesson on Spiritual Inventory II was very well received. It is important to do an inventory of our human life and coming face to face with the sins/ills of it. Yet, if we don’t take a look at the spiritual purpose of doing this, it will overwhelm us with shame so we go back into hiding/denial. Seeing how God takes these sins/ill thinking and turns them into a message for His use, is what motivates us to move forward. This is no longer about me, it becomes about Us: God, you and me. Wow, God is so amazing!

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