Today, after our two worship services, is our Celebrate Recovery (CR) leadership monthly meeting. I am to bring the devotion and provide the training for it. I usually have a training topic in mind for the meeting well in advance, but that was not the case this time. Yesterday, getting home from the Montana trip, I realized I needed to get this together. I was immediately “reminded” of The Spiritual Man I had been reading. In my present reading I kept thinking about the content’s application to our daily living and I should bring this insight to our CR leadership. So, after being reminded of this, I went ahead and put together the parts I’d highlighted from a series of chapters.

This morning as I was having my devotions I was impressed with the devotional reading. It was all about obeying the Holy Spirit within us and praising God for what He is doing that we know nothing about. I then realized I had the devotion in hand which God wanted me to use today and it perfectly coincides with the training I’d typed yesterday.


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