When Mary, the mother of Jesus, was confronted with the Angel telling her the message about bearing the Child of God, she questioned how that could be possible? After the angel explained to her, her response was simply, “Yes.”

My mom use to say that if you are wondering if something (a message) is from God wait three day. If the message has faded in strength it is likely from one’s emotions. If, however, the message is just as strong as originally or even stronger, it is likely from God. The strength of God’s Purpose never fades. I have felt strongly that this new area of lay counseling is something God is wanting me to do. However, there have been a multitude of times in the last month where I’ve silently questioned. Of course Satan has tried to plant the old seeds of doubt too which in times past I’d cowered to them. When I had read Mary’s response to the angel of God a few weeks ago, it stuck. I knew God was wanting this to be my message each time He talks to me (nudges me). He wants me to TRUST and simply say yes.

Yesterday I was able to talk with a gentleman connected with this same ministry in their church. It only confirmed more than ever that this new venture is God directed. This morning’s devotional message was: “Awaken my mighty soldier, awaken! The hour is late, and I call you to arise and run with me. I have prepared you for such a time as this. Do not be afraid. I will be with you….” There is more to this message but one gets the point. I have said yes and I’m ready to run this race.

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