As I was reading the first chapter of Romans this morning in the Passion Bible I thought I was reading an article about living in today’s world. What Paul was writing 2000 years ago is hugely prevalent and indicative of our society today. It was as though the Word was not only relevant, but alive. It was then that I was nudged to realize God is wanting me to believe not just the Word I was reading, but to also believe as strongly the very One who motivated man to write this Word.

The realities of being a new creation are growing within me. I believe much more and question less these past few months. But, God is now wanting me to quit trusting more and simply TRUST. The need to question at times is one thing–it brings clarity. But to doubt, as I’ve so readily done in my past to the point of walking away from His nudges, is what I am to face today. As I was journaling this morning Jesus was reminding me that not only is He on the throne of my life, His very Holy Spirit indwells me. I have full access to Him. However, He only acts if I choose to believe–Trust.

I love how faithful God is with His teaching. He just keeps bringing forth His lessons in meaningful ways so we can grow another anchoring root into HIs Kingdom living.

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