This morning’s bible reading in The Passion is Acts 2. The disciples and followers (120 in total) were filled with The Holy Spirit (Christ’s promise to them). This wasn’t just for them, but all the people in the temple area heard The Mighty Wind wondering what it was all about. I love the clarity this bible translation provides. The Holy Spirit’s infilling was an act of inward infillment and an outward one also. This clarity allowed me to see that it is the inward infillment that I’ve personally struggled with so much of my life. It has been much easier to see that The Holy Spirit uses me, but to indwell in me? However, I loved this morning’s devotional reading. Not only is the Bible clear that God fills us with His Holy Spirit, but in so doing He uses us mightily. It is based so much on our belief and surrender.

Our world today needs us to BELIEVE and allow The Holy Spirit to use us to put substance to our belief. He is waiting and I don’t want Him to have to wait another moment for my belief and my surrender to be fully devoted to His Work in me.