Today I once again ponder (struggle) with writing this entry. I am deeply into learning about biblical counseling. I’m taking an online class which challenges so many of my human beliefs. These are things like, secular counseling leaves God out of the picture as God being the One Great Healer. In no way do I not believe this. However, my own counselors I’ve had (3 total) have used “what is called secular counseling tools” and used them as Christians. These tools worked for me for I didn’t find God’s healing otherwise. Yes, I knew God was my Great Healer, but the tools provided helped me find God in my lifetime distress. I see God using tools which man creates all the time in all walks of life. I don’t write this to condemn this process of counseling. The greater part of it is excellent as it demonstrates helping a counselee see God in the midst of their storm and seek Him as their Healer.

Man has always questioned man and his wisdom. I don’t want to question God and His Wisdom. I want to sort through all of this so I find myself simply ready. Somehow I know this connects directly to God’s Holy Spirit. He is the provider of God’s Wisdom and God’s Word is the final authority. Somehow this will all come together–I Trust and I Believe!

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