This journey of present is bringing me to a reality I’ve never touched upon and certainly never dreamed would be true for me. Earnie is love. (I’m all teared up trying to write this). God is Love. God made me in His Image. I am love. Good grief! This is utterly AMAZING!

I went and met with my prayer warrior yesterday after lunch. I couldn’t wrap my mind around this reality of “being love”. I am a doer, but being love was too overwhelming for me. I asked my prayer warrior, “Lois, when did you know that Lois is love?” Immediately she said she had never not known that. She went on to say that she didn’t know abuse from her childhood like I did. Love is embodied into a child during these early, formative years. She then went into sharing with me the characteristics I have which demonstrate love. The first one was passion. I easily recognized this characteristic. I have always carried a good deal of passion for whatever I’m doing. It is the motivation to not only do it, but to not quit on it until it is done right. Well, Lois said Passion is another way of saying love.

God is transforming each one of us into His likeness. I am so overwhelmed to be considered in this category of of Love. Earnie is love. This journey of believing I’m a new creation is now starting to find what the characteristics of a new creation are. It is a whole new level of believing. Today, I believe that I, (Earnie) am/is love.

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