This weekend has been one for completing inventories for three of the men in the step study group I’ve been co-leading for our Celebrate Recovery ministry. Yesterday I did the second one and this afternoon will be the third one. It is always so wonderful to listen to one’s past and see what God is doing today. Then, it is even more amazing to hear them talk about what they hope for their tomorrow’s. Because I’ve had more years with my recovery, it is easy for me to see into their future the fruition of what they call hope. Each one of them has a story God is getting them ready to use for His Kingdom Glory. One of the guys is now ready to give his full testimony. Another is hoping to give his in another 6 months and to be sober for that long so he can begin to co-lead his own step study group. We have been praying for God to open the window for new leadership in our group. This, He is doing.

This recent awakening of mine regarding “being love” is not something unique to me. One of the men this weekend was sharing his own ugly past and the consequences of it. When I asked him if he knew that as a new creation God had made him love, he laughed. He knew better! Well, before the next few minutes were over, he was starting to believe a hope he never thought would be true for him. I certainly never thought it would be true for me, yet, God does not change what His Word promises. Finding the truth of God Word within oneself is truly AMAZING! It is a miracle of God’s Grace and Mercy–truly a miracle!

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