It is always amazing to me to experience how God works out the details of living each day when I give the day to HIm rather than battle through trying to make it work out with my expectations. This entire trip has been put together this way. Yesterday, I knew would be the graduation for Dante at 8:00 am. Other than that I had no idea. Well, Dante was able to move out of his barracks and move into our place of lodging so he can be with us the entire time we are here. His other grandma who came also spent the day with us yesterday making the time even more special. Now, today, we can just enjoy being together until mid-next week when we all continue back to our homes.

My lesson for today is total trust in God’s leadership. I know how to trust that God will put things together, but doing this without fretting is another thing. God is wanting me to learn to trust with peace in mind knowing He is the very one who loves me and my family far more than I ever could. What a great and loving God we get to serve!

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