Today began the reading of James in the New Testament. I knew he was the half brother of Jesus Christ. What I wasn’t sure about is when he accepted the fact that Christ, being his brother, was also the Son of God. It says that James didn’t accept this fact until after Christ had been crucified and had ascended into heaven. I wonder how he came to believe rather than to disbelieve? Paul had a well-described encounter with Jesus, but nothing is written to tell us about what changed James. The important thing is that James did change and he became a disciple for his own brother.

I wrote a month or so ago about telling my brothers I was going to be starting a counseling program at our church. I had all kinds of remarks going through my mind at the time which I thought I’d hear from them. Instead, however, all I heard was support which meant the world to me and still does. As I write this I don’t mean to try and compare my own story to that of Christ coming as the Savior of man, but only to compare what family support feels like.

God is so good. It is amazing to me how much freer one feels when the family gathers in full support. It is a gift that God gives and I deeply appreciate it.

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