The Journey Continues: Sept. 24, 2022

A great day yesterday in Istanbul. This am we fly to Ismer where we will stay and visit several ancient sites by bus. These will be Ephesus and Corinth and more.

As I was having my devotional time yesterday early morning a gentleman from our trip came down and asked to join me. Once he was done with his devotions we talked about our backgrounds and jobs. It led to me sharing my own story and my book. He then said he’d had a tragic event in his past that has always troubled him. He’d only told his wife and a group of men in a mens fellowship one time. He said he’d never experienced someone opening up about this topic. He said he really wanted to talk more and get my book. He doesn’t live too far from me back home so I said we’d connect when we return to Idaho.

I’m always amazed what God does even in very unexpected places. He is always at work. I love getting to be part of this too!

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