The Journey Continues: September 26, 2022

Yesterday was such an incredible day with seeing so many of the 7 churches addressed in the book of Revelation. Today we see Ephesus which is the most restored of all of them. I have been here before 28 years ago but there is much work which has been done in this time. This is a remarkable country. We have driven so much in bus so we get to see much of the daily living of the people. I really appreciate this.

What keeps hitting me over and over is the way our society looks today in comparison to the society 2000 years ago. We lust for pleasure in so many formats. I hate seeing this yet you can’t close your eyes to the truth of it. I ask God to shows me what to focus myself on and He keeps reminding me that the church isn’t the ruined structures but the people who dwelt in them. To help the church today stay focused on helping the people of today find Christ and stay focused on Him.

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