The Journey Continues: September 28, 2022

Today is my oldest granddaughters birthday. She is in her senior year of college and prepping to be a teacher which makes grandpa proud! Happy birthday Faith!

Today we head to Greece for the remainder of our trip. We drive s long distance with a few stops. I have loved this portion in Turkey.

As I read John I see a uniqueness in him like no other disciple. He understood love from God and he seemed to receive its fullness. I’m sure he must have struggled with it, but I marvel at his delivery of love and the ease in which he’s able to offer it to others just as God wants us to also do. The Holy Spirit wants to help us with this too. I never felt worthy of it until much more recently in my life for it is totally about who God is and never about who we are. Just receive it with sheer thanks.

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