We are home! I have never enjoyed a trip more than I did this one. It was such a revealing time to relive (as best one can) the lives of Paul and Christ followers almost 2000 years ago and apply those times to today’s time. We haven’t change a bit. But, what is glorious is that Christ and His Promises haven’t change either! What He promised them so long ago is exactly what He promises us today: FREEDOM. Man keeps wanting to make Christ’s freedom look like what we want freedom to be. I’ve been right there most of my life. What Christ’s Freedom most looks like is soul freedom. The inner self knowing man can do nothing to me verbally, emotionally, physically which deter what Christ has promised. In our heart, mind and soul, we are free!

Living these past couple of weeks in a time warp has made very black and white the truth of God’s Word over the years. His message has never changed in spite of what man’s efforts are. He waits patiently to see beyond man’s words to finally believe His Word–only there do we find eternal truth. Being a carrier of this message to others is our assignment for the rest of our days. What a privilege we have to be Word carriers.

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