Well, Wanda is now in the arms of Jesus. I doubt that her body knew I was with her before her passing, but her spirit knew and I’m so grateful I was able to spend one of her last hours by her side.

As this journey of mine continues I find myself needing to adjust to a new way of living. The structure of consulting from the past 15 years had a definite boundary around it–going to the school or district for the length of the day and usually working with the staff before and after the students were gone. Now, I have days with several counseling appointments and those that only have one, two or none. That was no problem with lots of yard work to do. Now that gardening season is coming to an end I can see that there will be time for _________-what? I’ve never lived with empty time on my hands knowing this will stay the same throughout the rest of my life. I know that God has a plan for it and I guess I will try to wait patiently to see what He wants me to do with it. There will be more counseling appointments I know. Almost every day I am contacted for help.

Even as I write this I recall that there is a training for new counselors that I can begin to put together. Well, that helps. I’m glad I’m writing this for the struggle in my mind is given new light. God is never not working and I don’t want to be in a category where I’m not working either. I enjoy having my mind and time occupied with purpose. OK, into this day I go!

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