Have you ever been in a situation where you need to release something and you do–time after time? However, just as soon as you release it to God you are carrying it again–stewing about it and worrying the outcome and releasing it again just to stew all over again. Well, I’m making a confession this morning. I have released the situation to God and I’m committed to doing so until it is solidly in place in God’s Hands. I “step in God’s transforming love”, as I wrote about yesterday, and ask that He will help me stay there in my mind, emotions and soul. I praise Him for the outcome only He can provide and for helping me to say only what The Holy Spirit wants said, and I will let go of what doesn’t need to be responded to.

Being a new creation doesn’t remove daily living’s problems. However, it sure does allow a person to step into the sticky situations as a child of God who believes God will use every situation to bring Honor and Glory to Him if I keep out of the way and let His Holy Spirit be the voice/message rather than me.

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