Being a new creation and believing it to be true is the start of an entirely new life. No wonder scripture calls it–being born again. I am finding that one can stay in the infant stage of this new life if we don’t believe it is true for you. I was stuck there much of my adult years. One of my greatest discoveries has been to live each day with God’s Spirit being in control of my life. At this point I’m only awakening to my need for this truth. I’ve got to take you to my devotional message for today in order for this to make sense.

“The Answer You Need Is Found in Me”

The reason you’ve been heavy and overwhelmed is because you’ve been seeking the answer for your problem in multiple places. …You’ve been stuck in your head trying to reason things out allowing your thoughts to drag you around in vicious circles. Instead, let your spirit lead you to me. …This means you must fix your attention on me and me alone. When all of your attention is on me, you’ll tap into the breakthrough….

I have thought I was doing the right thing “in my mind”. But, this morning God has made it clear that it is His Mind He wants me seeking and I do that by keeping my mind still so His Spirit can speak to me. The length of the pause this takes is sometimes found in the length of time it takes for me to bring my mind to stillness. God is the One and only Great Healer. I am to only do my part as He directs. Big Lesson!

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