This morning I will start with a counseling appointment. Afterwards I’m headed to Boise with a niece to see her sister, another niece, who is in the hospital battling lung cancer. We know it is terminal and my niece does too. She is unsure about her relationship with Jesus so this morning we are going to address this so she can rest knowing Jesus didn’t leave her out of His fold.

While we were doing our shopping yesterday I got a call from my niece in California. She wanted me to know that my sis Alice, her mom, passed away yesterday morning. Alice had been peacefully declining and was very ready to be with her heavenly family for eternity. Eternity has been on my mind a lot lately knowing Alice’s time was close and knowing we were going to pray with Debbie later this morning.

God is amazingly good and patient waiting for us to know Him and understand that He is not waiting to judge us for our sin–yes, that time comes. However, God is waiting to redeem us from our sin by our accepting His Gift of Love–Jesus Christ, His Son, asking Him into our heart and accepting Him as our Savior and Lord. It is as simple as that. How much I love our Father in heaven and thank Him for the Gift of eternity with Him and our loved ones.

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