As I am nearing the end of the Psalms in my bible reading, I have found 15 of them which are given the title, “A Song of the Stairway”. Most of these are written by David. The footnote to this title states that these were songs to be sung as one climbed the 15 steps of the temple in Jerusalem. Each step took you one step closer to God’s temple for the purpose of worshiping Him. The author of this translation says that these 15 Psalms can also be used in our life’s journey. We have a choice to take whatever circumstances we encounter in life to God or we can choose to keep them within ourselves. These encounters can be great ones or crushing ones. As we take each step will we choose to worship God no matter what we are carrying up the steps?

The recent events of present are ones that can cause a person to question God and His truth that He is merciful and always a God of Grace. Will I choose to believe this or will I choose to stuff the event to see “just what God will do with it”. If it turns out OK, then I’ll believe God is a God of Grace and Mercy. I could easily put in this blog a number of events from my past where I chose to question God. Today, however, I am choosing to Worship and Trust.

God IS a God of Grace and Mercy. We all too often want to determine what Grace and Mercy look like. However, if we TRUST God in spite of our selfish wishes, we will eventually see a purer and far greater outcome than we could ever imagine. So, today I will continue to Worship & Trust my Almighty God!

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