Wow, and just like that the year is coming to a close. As I began to journal this morning I was doing more reflecting. I went back into the journal where I had written a year ago today. I wanted to see just what was taking place then and what Jesus had said to me. This process never fails to enlighten me. My biggest epiphany was seeing where God has brought me this year believing I am a new creation. Living life believing this doesn’t replace my humanness. What it does is change my focus from looking at dad and my brother (a little at my mom) and instead, looking at Jesus only. It’s awful to have to admit my level of sinfulness to me was built around whether I looked as bad as I thought dad or my brother looked. All year long I’ve begun to see my sinfulness as Christ sees and forgives. In so doing, my sin is right along side of my dad’s and my brother’s. There is no rank order–they are all sins.

This coming year is starting with me having my eyes open like they have never been before. Good grief, seeing Jesus and me together is so amazing and humbling at the same time. He sees all that I am/have done in my flesh and He loves me and wants to be with me and be my friend and guide. I get to experience this every day of this coming year knowing it’s no longer a hope, but a reality! Wow, I cry with JOY flooding my heart!

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