Two weeks ago I was approached by an individual who wanted counseling ASAP. I set the first appointment but before it took place they needed to meet NOW. I arranged the meeting for this person and their spouse. The one felt communication had stopped and they needed help with this area immediately. I gave them an assignment and we met again late yesterday afternoon. I had a marriage assessment which I had them do at the beginning of yesterday’s session. It included questions in several critical areas for a marriage’s success–one being communication.

When both had finished rating each question in all the categories I recorded results only to find that communication was their strongest area. The area of weakness was in the realm of spiritual growth. Communication was scored high because the one had found the spouse’s communication to be trustworthy.

When God is left out of the equation, all the other areas of our lives dwindle in their strength. On the flip side, when God is the critical part of one’s marriage, all of the other areas can more easily be addressed. It was amazing to watch how this couple quickly set new goals for the way they spent time together. WOW, God is so good!

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