In our counseling program I continue to sit in on one of the sessions led by a retired licensed counselor. I always walk away from these sessions with insights. Some of these insights are new applications I can use or the session reinforces for me the steps I’m taking with a client. Last night was one of new insight I can use AND I can apply to me personally.

When I was with my brother-in-law a week ago he asked if I ever found the insights I share with a client equally applicable to me? These are times when The Holy Spirit gives advice from your own mouth that make you wonder where that came from? You just know its source–God’s Holy Spirit. Yes, often I found this to be true, I told him.

Last night in the session I observe, the counselor used a tool called Thinking Errors. I knew this term from my educational years as it applied to students thinking about their learning ability and for teachers and their teaching abilities. It was used last night in the context of ones being stuck in a belief that isn’t true, but it is for them (in their mind). As I heard this I knew I needed to go deeper into this for some of my own clients as well as for myself.

This morning I downloaded a pdf outlining these thinking errors and each one’s definition. In it I found a gold nugget! It clarified for me a belief I’ve had tied to yesterday’s post. I don’t need to fight a belief that isn’t true. I simply can yield it to my Savior who created me to be the new creation I am today. I can believe this because this is the real truth. All of Satan’s deceptive ways can be yielded to Jesus who has conquered this deception. My action is not to be to fight, but to yield.

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