I’ve said for many years that Spring comes for me on March 1. This year is no different, however, it welcomed me with about 7-8 inches of new snow! School is cancelled in our area today–this I saw. However, it wasn’t until the light of day began to appear that I could see how important it was to cancel. We haven’t had a snowfall like this all winter. Well, the groundhog wasn’t kidding when he said winter was staying. No matter, it has snowed in Spring before and it will likely do it again. My heart is welcoming Spring anyway–I just won’t rototill quite yet!.

One of the things God has been teaching me is to see Jesus as my barometer for living. Much of my life I used my father and brother as this measuring stick. If I were a better person than they, I could be a “good man”. Seeing Jesus as my measuring stick for living has opened my eyes to all of mankind. Everyone struggles with their sin nature–I’m not unique in this. The counseling program has truly reinforced this truth. I had a couple who are 85 & 86 come yesterday to deal with their anger. As we got into the session, we focused on communication between them which was feeding the anger.

Yesterday I confessed about my struggling sin nature. Today I recognize once again that I am simply human. It seems silly but I do need to give myself permission to be human. I know this all ties back to never “being like my dad or brother”. Instead, I will focus on being righteous through the blood of Jesus. God sees me through this lens and I will too (or keep trying to). God is never done remaking us–thank goodness!

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