Yesterday my last counseling session was with a couple who wanted to work on their communication. They are an older couple who are newly weds. Both have lost their first mates and are devout christians. Just in a couple of sessions they have made tremendous progress by simply recognizing their communication looked mighty selfish in how it was delivered. At the end of the session the gentleman asked me if he could give me money for my service? I told him this is a ministry and he could give to the church if he wanted. He then said he wanted me to have something from this service. It was then I could hardly talk.

Instantly I was brought to the reality of what God has done for me. I told them they wouldn’t have time to hear my story, but God has done so much to give me freedom from my past, that giving back to him through this counseling opportunity is a greater blessing for me than for anyone coming for the counsel. To have this opportunity in my later years of life is such a huge blessing! I choked up then and I choke up now as I reflect again on the goodness of our loving Father God!

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