Today is my dear sis Bonnie’s birthday. As I look back on life I can easily see that she was my personal cheerleader from first memories to today. She is right ahead of me in birth order. We talk often and she always reminds me of strengths I possess. She struggles with life today due to some serious strokes, but her spirit is alive and well. What a blessing she is to all who know her!

Last night the step study group I put together from men coming for counseling met and we did the first lesson–DENIAL. There are only three men in the group so we were able to go deeply into the questions and their responses to them. I was amazed at the level of honesty and vulnerability that was present with them. One of the three said he struggles with trust, but that wasn’t evident at all.

One of the questions in the lesson centers around the reason we need to face what has been in denial for us. My own response to this was my need to remember how easy it is to push my past behind me and try living as though it didn’t exist. I’m much better today at facing this, but things like writing this blog daily also help me live in the present.

As I was journaling this morning and asking Jesus what He wanted me to know from Him for today, His response was immediate. He said the hurts, hang-ups and habits I’ve struggled with over the years no longer need to be considered my weaknesses. Two gifts God has given me are responsibility and discipline. What has always been considered my weaknesses are now placed in my category of strengths. This is where God’s Strengths reside in me. So, when I see my past through the lens of discipline and responsibility, I know God and I can handle them for God’s Strength in me is much stronger than any grip the weaknesses have had.

I’d never seen my past through this lens. It makes me smile to see them this way today!

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