This morning’s class was weighing on me as I got up. A couple of the men who had committed to it were backing away; one due to a new job and the other, well, excuses. I leave this to Jesus and His Holy Spirit. This part wasn’t troubling me as much as having everything ready for the 90 min. session when I had a counseling session occurring right before it. As I was starting my devotional time I received a text that the man coming for the counseling session needed to cancel. Usually I’m not glad for this, but today I thanked God. Now I have the time to be fully set up. The session involves a DVD portion and I am NOT a techy person–I am a worrier however when it comes to this kind of detail, so having this time helps me relax!

I am so grateful for our God. There is no detail He isn’t concerned about and ready to address it as I give them to Him. It is moments like this morning that once again I remember that my role is to complete only my part, Jesus already has His part under control!

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