My devotional this morning was bringing to light something I’ve never examined or had God bring to my mind in such a direct way. It was addressing God’s passion He has given to each of us and the jobs we have to sustain us/our family. The author of the devotional was equating Paul’s message when he was bringing the Good News to the Gentile nations. Paul was a tent maker by trade and he would continue to practice this trade during his ministry. He never expected to have a salary for his ministry work, this was the passion God had placed within him and he fulfilled that passion without expectation of salary.

Paul’s relationship with God/Jesus was built on trust. He knew his material/flesh needs would be met. If he had a struggle with this topic, he doesn’t say so. His words in I Corinthians 9:18 say, “So then, where is my reward? It is found in continually depositing the good news into people’s hearts, without obligation, free of charge, and not insisting on my rights to be financially supported.”

I must admit that I have struggled with the passion God has given me wondering “will I be a good provider” if I put the passion into action? Over my lifetime I’ve only found that God is faithful. I have never been in a place of “want”. God is so faithful and true. I want to live fully trusting Him!

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