Someone I’ve known for almost 50 years came to see me yesterday afternoon for a counseling appointment. This person has carried a burden almost 40 years and now they felt they must face it. There are circumstances that have surfaced it and this was most troubling to them. It was amazing to see God working in a person’s life that one mostly sees God working through them. Instead of an hour session, it was over two hours, but ones well spent in getting the issue out in the open.

I found myself rejoicing that this friend was able to verbalize this troubling time that had been buried for so long. They were wondering, “why now?” But, it was easy to see why now when we processed the timing of now with God’s timing in their life.

God was so patient with me when I needed to face the trauma of my past and the people involved in it. I so easily see how this is now true when I see how God’s timing is used in helping others face their own secrets/bondage. God is faithful and true to His Word! What a reward it is to help someone find God’s faithfulness rather than His absence (which is what I had believed for so long about God in my own story).

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