A few days ago I wrote about a book, Freedom Starts Today. The entry for today told of closing our garage doors. The author had forgotten to close his garage door one night and he panicked. His children were 4, 3 and 1 so he quickly checked on them and all other important items in the house. All was safe, but had been highly at risk. The author then relates this scenario to all of the garage doors we daily leave open: cell phones, computers, where our eyes look, what we purchase, what we choose to watch on TV and the list goes on. Part of our commitment to God needs to be the choice to close these garage doors so there is no conscious entry available for temptation. I say conscious here because we can prepare for what we know. The Holy Spirit will be on guard for the deceptions unknown to us for Satan cannot fool God’s Holy Spirit as he can us.

I truly liked this analogy. It is a great visual in my mind of easy entrance for temptations and what I can do to address them. As I’ve been working through this 90-day process, it is such a good way to stay focused on what easy prey we are when we do not make the choices to “put on the full Armor of God that His Holy Spirit provides for us as outlined in Ephesians 6:10-18.

It doesn’t matter what our struggle is, the steps for protection are very much the same. Today I commit to being humble, admitting my weaknesses and asking The Holy Spirit to be my STRENGTH for HE is GOD within us!

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