“We are not our past, we are who God created us to be.” So many of us see our identity through the lens of our past. This statement came out of the 90-day book I’m working through with the other men I counsel. I don’t think I know a single person coming for help that doesn’t struggle with this belief and I’ve been at the head of this line. Even today I have my moments where I literally have to say out loud that I am a new creation. I am the man who God created. I never was my father, my brother, my mom, I’ve always been Earnie–the person God knit in my mother’s womb. Yes, the things of my past have all been true/real, but they are things done, not identity.

The water runs deep in this belief system of ours. Part of good accountability is helping one another remember this foundation God has created in us. Satan wants to destroy it, but God is faithful and true and how much I love Him for this!

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