I was asked by a leader in our Celebrate Recovery ministry, “What do you do when someone keeps relapsing even though they are daily committing to sobriety to God and to their accountability partner?” Because of my own interest in this, I emailed the author of the book Freedom Starts Today and asked him the question. To my surprise I got a response within a couple of hours–(good leader). He gave several reasons this may happen which we could all expect. His last one was the one that truly hit home. He said, “Most often, I find, it’s a spiritual apathy and love for the sin. We cannot serve two masters.”

As I look at this statement I see in my mind the picture of Jesus Christ taking my sins to the Cross. Right beside this picture of Christ I see myself handing Him another sin that I chose (you can put any sin in this picture). With this I tell Him that I chose this one over Him just for the moment. I hope He doesn’t mind, I just had a moment of selfishness. This ugly reality is the attempt to serve two masters. It is spiritual apathy. I never want to do this, yet at some moment, we all do.

What I love more than anything is the reality that I can commit just for today that I will serve only God and He will help me do so. Tomorrow I can do this again and will do it again. However, my focus remains on God being with me just for today. That’s why He called Himself–“I AM”.

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