The Journey Continues: March 26, 2016

As I write this blog title this morning, I am prompted to clarify something.  I don’t want anyone to think that “the journey continues” because Christ’s work isn’t yet done.  The reason the journey to freedom is not complete for me is my humanness.  I Corinthians says I see through the glass darkly, and then I will see face to face.  The “then” is being in heaven.  So as long as I am in this human frame, I shall continue to grow in my fullness of Christ’s work for me.

Easter is amazing.  I told Kathy, my wife, last night after coming home from the Good Friday service at our church, that I do not like Good Friday services.  They are DARK.  I know they are planned that way because of the darkness Christ faced as He was nailed to the cross for me–for each of us.  I’ve lived in so much darkness of soul so much of my life, the service haunts me.  The good part however, is that I know the outcome.  The disciples were told to anticipate, yet their belief at that time was shallow as mine has been about Christ’s work for me while I was still in the throws of my living in the secret of my past.  The outcome of tomorrow is Christ’s brilliant light shining forth.  I want to be a carrier of this LIGHT for Christ.  God bless you as we all anticipate the Glorious Resurrection of tomorrow.

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