The Journey Continues: March 25, 2016

I have to apologize for missing yesterday’s entry.  I came to McCall, Idaho to join Kathy and when I went to do the entry yesterday, I didn’t have the password for using the wireless where we are staying.  I didn’t want to wake Kathy to find out what it was and so it just didn’t get done.  I was in the midst of some struggles/confusion yesterday anyway and God provided a way through them I’ll tell you about.

I came to McCall to close on a house Kathy and I are selling here.  We bought it about 14 years ago thinking we would use it as a vacation home.  Well, in truth, over the years we’ve found that lots of friends and a few relatives have used it as such, but it just doesn’t fit well for us.  I brought a friend and his wife with me as I needed a 2nd driver when I returned home today.  I am taking a small U-Haul truck back and I needed someone to drive my car as Kathy already had a vehicle here since she came a few days ahead of me.  This friend is the one I mention in my book who is my long-time college friend I sing with and he has been my confidant.  After we loaded the truck yesterday afternoon I began to talk with him about my struggle learning to live as a “new creation”.  I asked things like, “Does a new creation have temptations resembling the old man I’ve always been and if so, how does a new creation handle them as a new creation rather than as an old man?  Thus began a great dialogue processing through this.  Over the next hour or so he helped me see that the promises of the New Testament are delivered through the new creation I am.  It is simply an emotional, mental block to think I have to handle any temptation as the old man.  It is going back to handling the temptations as I always did when I went to my cave or into secret.  Our conversation also made “self-control” sensible as we talked.  I have always looked at self-control as something I did with my own strength in handling any situation.  The new creation uses self-control to fulfill what scripture says to do.  An example is in the book of James when we are told to confess to someone we trust so that the prayers of a righteous man can be powerful and effective.  Rather than handling the temptation on my own (old man style), I call someone I trust to confess it in obedience to scripture and as a new creation’s response to self-control.

So, I’m now ready to take a step into today as a new creation handling any temptation that might come my way.  I’d love to hear any reader’s response to this.

2 thoughts on “The Journey Continues: March 25, 2016”

  1. Another promise from God is James 4:7 …Resist the devil and he will flee from you. In my battle with sexual addiction, I also discovered the power of confession, but not in confessing after the fact, but like you, confessing in the midst of my struggle and temptation. Shining God’s light on my struggle was like turning a lite on in a room with cockroaches in it, they scurry away back into the darkness. I began to think of satan and his temptations are cockroaches. Verbalizing the temptation, doubts, questions to a trusted accountability partner and my sponsor was the resisting of the devil, and as I implemented that pattern in my life, the evil one became less and less, and God increased more and more.


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