The Journey Continues: April 29, 2016

This journey of living “one day at a time, one moment at a time, accepting hardship as a pathway to peace” is a superb piece of wisdom.  Living it however is a challenge most days for me.  I know that I need to surrender all my worries to Jesus each morning in order to find victory and that sense of peace–the sense that I don’t need to be in control–God already is.  I can join His work as I surrender my need to control.  I hate seeing these needs in me, but they are very real and I do need to take these steps of surrender frequently.

The drive to do things for God use to be so I could find value.  I can more fully see that the value I sought was within my own eyes.  I’ve learned I didn’t need to prove anything to anyone else, it was me.  I was judging my own self.  This is a rude awakening.  I tend to take on most any assignment offered to me thinking God wouldn’t have it said to me if He weren’t wanting me doing it.  However, I’m now learning much more about discernment.  Taking all things to Him to find His will.  What sounds like God working initially isn’t always where God wants me.  I was called earlier this week by a school system that asked me to work with them evaluating their teachers.  I was glad they called and met briefly with them.  I’m going back later this am to continue this conversation.  God has been pointing out to me that just because they are asking for help doesn’t mean it is with His intent.  I need to probe to find whose interest they are wanting to fulfill.  Is it the administration’s selfish wishes or does it actually grow the profession I love–teaching?  I’ll be more discerning as I meet with them today.

The other thing I’m learning of late is about priorities.  Our step study group is in the midst of this topic right now.  I know to rate family at the top, however, I still impulsively put other assignments above them if I don’t pause, take a deep breath or two giving the Holy Spirit time to speak to me.  Once I do that I know to put my family there at the top.  Well, there are many things I am needing to learn and to have many reminders during these days.  But for now, I go into this day surrendered and taking “one moment at a time”.

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