The Journey Continues: April 30, 2016

The journey this particular week has been nothing but hectic.  I write this with gritted teeth.  I love this time of year.  If it were possible that I could be outside working in yards, mine along with everyone else who’d like to have some help, I’d be there.  Well, along with working the earth, my nephew is in the hospital, a funeral takes place, my wife plans an outing for us, my daughter needs to have her irrigation started, a new schools wants help with their instructional practices, a new pastor is coming and I want to be able to spend time with him and his family.  Well, that’s a start for today–just today.  I want to literally do each of these things as a first priority because I love each one involved in them, yet, there is only so much time in a day and I know I’ve got to prioritize.

I asked God this morning how a “new creation” handles this list.  I’ve always faced days like this with anxiety simply doing all of them I possibly can and shutting out any feelings about not getting to the others.  I’d tell myself–“I did the best I could.”  It was interesting this morning as I started my devotions.  I was truly in my old self filled with anxiety and not knowing how to prioritize the day.  I don’t want to handle any of these with that sense of “duty”, I want to embrace the opportunity and do it with friendship and love.  God seemed to be saying to look at this list as an opportunity to serve Him rather than serving man.  All of a sudden I realize where my eyes were and what I was listening to.  I was hearing man and my responses to man rather than hearing man and listening to how God wanted me to respond.  My first priority is serving God, not man.  There is a huge difference at the end of a day when you know you’ve done all you can for the Lord.  The peace that passeth all understanding sets in. In my past when a day like today would end I’d want to hide in a corner and say, “God, I did the best I could.  I hope that it’s been OK.  The old self would only feel the disappointment of not completing all he should have.  Today, I’m going into this as a new creation doing all I can for the God I serve.  At the end of it—well I’ll wait and see what God has for the end of it.  I think it will be something like a deep-settled peace.

(Boy, did I need to write this.  It has helped me already!)

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