The Journey Continues: June 20, 2016

This journey is an amazing experience once I get my role as a team player in place.  Let me explain.  You know that the past week I’ve been in a schoolhouse receiving direct instruction on spirit-filled living.  At the end of last week I stepped out of the schoolhouse having received some sound instruction on this and I was ready to start this way of living.  Yesterday our pastor preached on a topic that wasn’t entitled this, but the theme of the message was:  Faith is Obedience.  This is what living a spirit-filled life looks like–living by faith out of obedience to the Holy Spirit within.  All this was topped off with stumbling into watching Fireproof last night on TV.  The kids were gone and I was checking to see what was on and found it on the UP station.  I’ve seen this movie several times but saw the movie for the first time as a spirit-filled person.

If you know this movie you know that the key couple are at the verge of their marriage ending in divorce.  He is a fireman and she works at a local hospital.  His dad introduces him to a 40 day challenge to complete before he makes any final decision.  He accepts it.  Here was my wake up.  In the first 20 days of the challenge he was completing it by DOING the assignment each day.  It was getting him no place and he was about to quit.  It was then his father asked if he’d been reading the scriptures attached to each day and of course he hadn’t.  That was something for his dad to do, he wasn’t into that spiritual stuff.  It is here however that the young man realizes the love he is seeking from his wife is parallel to the love God was seeking from him.  This reality hit home and he accepted Christ into his heart.  The scene now changes because all of a sudden he is completing the last 20 days BEING the assignment rather than doing it.  I found myself seeing my life.  I’ve worked so hard to be never realizing the “be” is the faith part of The Holy Spirit living in me.  My human spirit was badly beat up as a child and I’d learned to protect myself and doing good work.  I never saw myself as the boy with a spirit or a man with one.

This morning Christ shared Matthew 7:7 with me:  Ask and it will be given to you: seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened unto you. For the first time I saw this scripture as an invitation to the fullest life possible.  I asked Christ for the fullness of His Holy Spirit and He is giving it to me.  I am seeking Him and the door is being opened so that I can now live a life of obedience in faith only–faith that I now trust with all my heart, soul and mind.  The fear is now replaced with anticipation.

I write this with all humbleness of spirit.

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