The Journey Continues: June 21, 2016

Well, the journey is having trouble continuing this morning–as least from writing about it.  Our power was off a couple hours during the night and it messed with the internet connections.  All seems to be good now that I’ve rebooted 3 times but my time is limited in that I’m suppose to be leaving in 5 minutes for a day of work I’m committed to.

I loved what one of my devotionals had to say this morning.  It was differentiating between a failure and failing.  If we stumble in our journey or fail, step into sin, whatever happens, it does not make us a failure.  When we become a failure is when we turn our back onto Christ and His Holy Spirit’s leadership.  We do need to get ourselves regrounded in Christ but that doesn’t mean we are a failure.  Yes, we failed, but our heart is still on track and we get the rest of our body in line with our heart.  There is so much more I want to learn about heart living because my heart is the home of my new creation’s spirit.  I know my journey will keep bringing new learning about and I look forward to each lesson.  In the meantime–I’m off to work!

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