The Journey Continues: July 23, 2016

Today is my wife’s birthday.  We are in Wallowa County, OR so we can celebrate it with her family.  There is a large reunion planned for the afternoon where we will see aunts and uncles and cousins.  Also, some of Kathy’s siblings will be present so it will be nice to see them again.

I was journaling earlier this am during my devotional time about my relationship with my youngest daughter.  She arrived last night with her kids for the weekend.  Angie is adopted so there has always been some behavior patterns she exhibits which startle me–they aren’t like anything resembling Kathy or me.  I find myself taking a step away from the conversations because they are usually about drama which churns my stomach rather than pulls me in.  I’ve never known if this behavior of mine is due to dealing with all the drama of my childhood and dad’s emotional ups and downs or if I am just wired this way.  I was praying about this asking the Holy Spirit to help me connect with her spirit.  He gently nudged me into realizing my pattern of pulling away is an old self pattern.  Why wouldn’t I try to join her in my new creation where The Holy Spirit resides and has free reign?  Wow, this was a wake up for me.  Why would any dad want to be with their kids in their old self rather than the new creation God has given them?  So, I surrendered this behavior to Jesus and asked for help to stay in my new creation today.

Ok, I have a little more yard work to do for my sis-in-law before the party begins so out to the yard I go.


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