The Journey Continues: July 25, 2016

The weekend in Wallowa is over for me.  I came back yesterday with the very daughter I blogged about a couple days ago.  It is a 4 hour drive so we had time to talk while her two youngest boys slept and the dog was quiet.  It was nice to have the time and it was an easy conversation time.  Thank you God.

Yesterday there were more at my sis-in-law’s house than my family.  Her oldest brother and wife were also there and they rise as early as I do.  We took our time for devotions but it wasn’t easy to slip away and write this blog so I simply chose to skip the day and be with them.  This brother-in-law was diagnosed with a terminal cancer less than a year ago.  The doctors have him on experimental drugs but his own words were that there is no cure–only extended time.  His spirits are great and he loves the Lord.  He says he has had a good life and he is most grateful for this.  It was good to be with him and his wife for a couple days.

Yesterday was also the birthday for my oldest living sis–Alice.  She is the one Kathy and I went to visit at the end of June.  She and Bonnie both live in S. Calif. very close to one another.  Alice was the first sibling that knew there was something emotionally wrong with me–long before I knew it.  She had asked me before I’d ever gone to counseling the first time if something was troubling me.  She could read it on my face.  She said I was stressed and she wondered why.  That has been over 25 years ago but I’ve always felt free to talk with her because she KNEW.  I loved that about her.  Now she is the one struggling with deteriorating health.  I wish I were closer so Kathy and I could be of more support for her.  She is one dear lady.

As I was journaling this morning I was somewhat anxious about what God wanted me to do the next couple days.  It was a nice reminder when He simply reminded me to thank Him for the beautiful summer morning–no wind, temperatures in the low 60’s, and the garden is starting in its prime.  So, I did thank Him.  I’ll do today what He puts before me and take it one moment at a time within the day.  Thank you Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord.  Your Light is brighter when I remember to thank you.

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