The Journey Continues: July 27, 2016

Every Tuesday night is step study with the ones attending from our Celebrate Recovery program.  The lesson was Grace.  How I love that lesson!  The interesting twist in the lesson is that we are to learn to extend God’s Grace as He has extended it to us.  We do this by making amends for the wrongs of our past and learning to do this quickly if we wrong someone in the present.  We also learn that Grace is a gift from God which has no strings attached.  When we offer Grace to someone else we are to do so without any expectations from them.  If we have expectations, we are not offering Grace.

With all that said, I was really taken by a statement one of the men gave last night.  We had a newcomer arrive to Celebrate Recovery a couple weeks back.  He is really hurting, one could see.  This gentleman from last night stated he’d been prompted to contact him and was now going to be meeting weekly with him.  This gentleman was new to Celebrate Recovery last winter and already he is finding the Grace of last night’s lesson and is starting to give back.  I was touched by this, but God had more than a touch He wanted me to receive from this.  Monday morning, two days ago, I knew I didn’t have anyone I was meeting with through this week.  I knew I’d met with 8 different ones a couple weeks ago but this week was empty.  What I felt God nudging me with from last night’s action from this gentleman was “reaching out”.  I have been waiting for people to reach out to me rather than my reaching out to them to see if they would like to meet.  All this became really clear this am when I was journaling during devotions.  As a child I was an eager beaver to do things and particularly do things for others.  I would even ask if they wanted me to do this or that.  My dad would ridicule me severely for this saying things like:  “Who do you think you are anyway?”  Dad saw my actions as egotistical for whatever reason and he did a good job letting me know this.  So, I learned to let people ask for help.  Celebrate Recovery would call this a character defect–man’s teaching rather than God’s teaching.

This morning God was showing me that reaching out isn’t egotistical when I’m not trying to get glory from it.  He wants me (us) reaching out when we are offering His Light to an area of hurt/bondage life has crippled someone with.  This morning I’m going to reach out to a couple of the guys I know are still hurting and this time I will do it without guilt.  Oh, and by the way, I think this is part of being a new creation.  I need that reminder too.

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