The Journey Continues: July 26, 2016

It is not quite as easy for me to sit down and write this blog when life seems to be on a hiatus.  I come home for a couple days without Kathy which is no new thing for us.  However, this time I got the work done I wanted to do and then some things came up which I’m not sure about.  I got a call yesterday from the man who is starting the Aslan Christian Academy.  He is asking if I’d like to be vice president of the organization?  The job description would fit my background fine but these things are ones I like to have God’s stamp of approval before saying yes.  Right now this academy is unable to move forward in getting started because the property we were to build on has been pulled.  We are looking for a new location.  The director is fine with all this but these things leave me in a quandary that I need time to sort through.  There are so many steps to be taken:  fund raising being at the top, certificates from Health and Welfare for housing these troubled girls, etc.

As I was addressing these items with the Lord this morning I sensed He simply wanted me to move forward with this and take by faith the fact that He will shed His Light as we take each step.  Once again, these gray areas are more difficult for me.  I’d like Light right now but God is wanting to grow me.  The lady who I asked to be my prayer warrior said when I am up against a struggle I need to adjust my helmet.  God gives each of us His armor as stated in Ephesians 6:11.  When my thinking/fears/anxieties are in the way of God’s work and its timing, I need to adjust my helmet so it is in alignment.  Right now I know I’m in a time of waiting so I need to learn the characteristics God wants me to be at this time.  I’m pretty good at being patient when I know what I’m doing, but having it when I’m waiting without a distinct plan is another item.  OK, I’m on an assignment that I need to have.  I’m adjusting my helmet for today and away I go.  I’ll keep you posted.

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