The Journey Continues: August 28, 2016

This journey is truly one of amazement.  In the last couple days God has begun to awaken in me a bigger, richer understanding of Him.  Just this morning He was showing me how much I had Him boxed into a god I could manage and deal with.  He pointed out that He was proportioned in size to the god who did (in my mind) little or nothing while I was a child growing up.  The god who was to be like a superhero never came.  I’ve always loved superheros but this god didn’t fit with them somehow.  Only now am I beginning to realize the impact of sin in our world.  God gave us free will.  Superheros dealt with man’s free will to overcome it.  God said He would not do that so that we were free to choose him as a choice of our free will.  Man often chooses to let free will itself become his god.  This is something like ultimate sin.  Within free will comes such horrific acts by man and none of them are complimentary.  Pride becomes arrogant and lofty.  So this morning I asked God what He wanted me to know from Him.  He said to honor Him just as it states in the Ten Commandments.  Instantly I realized that this free will is given perspective when I choose to Honor God.  Instead of me boxing in this god who I thought had failed me, I now realize by choosing to honor God, He will box in my free will allowing me to be more honorable to Him.

There is so much to know about living in the Spirit of God.  God is Spirit and His gift to us through Jesus Christ is The Holy Spirit.  This human side of us doesn’t want to compete with this Gift and there is warfare I cannot see taking place regarding this reality.  However, I want to know much more about this so I can be surrendered to the One who did win this war already.

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