The Journey Continues: August 27, 2016

Sometimes our journey includes a number of people and sometimes it is a road alone.  Today, my journey includes some very dear friends I told you about yesterday.  It was Wednesday they took their son to a rehab a couple hours away from this valley where we live. Yesterday they had to return and bring him back.  He had walked out on Thursday night which one commits not to do when they enroll.  The consequence is that one cannot return if they choose this behavior.  This is a hard reality when we come face to face with life’s choices that slap us right in the face.  They are all in pain right now.  I know that God uses pain to awaken us to the areas in our life that need healing.  Sometimes we have to submit to surgery to get areas of life removed to healing can take place.  How tough all of this is–how well I know this.

Today our quartet and about 6 more will give a performance for a group of community people that has a theme of patriotism.  I am amazed to find that the songs we are singing have words written as much as 50+ years ago and yet ring true for today’s political state.  Let me give an example.  The song, “I’m Just a Flag-Waving American” was written in 1974 so 42 years ago.  Yet, read these words from the second verse:  “Many things I know could be made better, I agree.  In counties and states and even on capitol hill.  We deplore each fraud and scandal, injustice that remains; but show me a finer country, as good or happier country, O show me a better country if you will!”  These words resonate with today’s state, yet there is such tremendous strength as we pull together and unite our hearts to find God’s leadership.

I was asking God to tell me what He wanted me to know for today.  His message was simple–“Obey”.  This is a simple command when it means only to get up in the morning and have devotions with Him.  But, when it means having a tough conversation with someone, confronting what God has shown me needs addressed, it is not so easy.  However, that is the message of the day.  I want to be the new creation He made me to be and I want this new creation on assignment for my Creator.  I’ll step into obedience.

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