The Journey Continues: August 30, 2016

Today is a new day and the troubling spirit of yesterday is more peaceful.  Getting acquainted to spirit-filled living is a new area for me on this journey of life committed to God my Father.  In my devotions this morning I was awakened even more to what God is teaching me (us) about Him and His Team–Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.  John 4:24 says “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”  Somehow I’m just starting to understand more about this.  To worship God in the Spirit is to worship him from our heart and not from our mind.  Knowing much about God is nice, but it is not fulfilling to God unless we put it into action.  Our heart drives us to action.  The “truth” part of this scripture is just starting to become clearer.  If we come to worship God out of habit and ceremony it is only a learned practice.  However, if we come to worship God out of truth, we will worship him not from a learned habit, but from the desire of our heart.  It is within our heart that The Spirit resides.  This truth is becoming a little more tangible for me.  I know God my Father is wanting to teach me much more about this and I want to be fully awake to learn from my heart and not so much from only my mind.

We are starting a new ministry this Fall addressing sexual integrity.  I think I’ve mentioned this a while back.  There have been many stumbling blocks in getting this organized and going–no surprise with Satan surely not wanting us addressing this bondage that grips so many of us men and even many ladies of today.  This topic is what brought me to the first paragraph’s processing this morning with God.  I’d had a conversation with one of our pastor’s late yesterday afternoon about finalizing some steps and addressing some complexity in the steps.  The complexity is simply–conflict between those working with leadership of this.   This is why God was talking to me about Spirit and Truth.  I wanted to address this conflict from what I know–God told me to address it from what He does in Spirit and Truth.  Now I have an entirely new approach for this and my spirit feels confirmed this is the right way.  God is truly amazing when we allow Him to take the Lead.  Thank you God my Father–my Dad.

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