The Journey Continues: Sept. 29, 2016

Have you ever slept until noon?  I awoke this morning about 5:00 am thinking I’d try and sleep a little longer.  I then awoke at almost 7:00 am.  I had that sense that my day was half gone.  Now, onto real life.

I was at our church yesterday morning having a needed conversation with a couple of our pastors.  I then went to complete some materials needed for our Celebrate Recovery last night.  When all of this was done it was approaching noon and I was going to go see my brother in law who had broken his leg and is physically very fragile.  He, by the way, came through his surgery very well.  His kids and grandkids were preparing for the worst but God gave him more time with them and they were all praising God for this.  Before heading to the hospital I was asked to have lunch by our newer pastor which I did ahead of visiting the hospital.

I enjoy this young man very much.  We engaged a conversation about living a Spirit-filled life.  My denomination use to preach a great deal about being sanctified which meant giving full surrender of your life to live for God.  This would take place sometime after you accepted Christ into your heart.  The abuse of my past had always caused me to struggle tremendously thinking I was never good enough for God’s Holy Spirit to live in my heart.  Now this is being corrected in my beliefs.  However, the consciousness of living fully awake to God’s Spirit is just starting.  I know this is important.  I also know I don’t want to live outside of God’s leading.  I’m going to be intentionally learning what I can but to also apply all I can.  I know this is about “being” spirit-filled and not just “doing” spirit-filled.  I want to be God’s servant.  I want to do because of what I am.  I don’t want to do to hopefully earn the rights as I lived for so long.

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