The Journey Continues: Sept. 30, 2016

Life’s journey is connected in many ways to those around us–working relationships, family relationships, community ones and informational ones.  However, our personal journey is still our own.  In the same way others connect to us and impact us, we do the same for them.  I serve on a board for a start-up organization for teen girls who have been taken off the street for sex trafficking.  I’ve mentioned this several times over the weeks of blogging.  After the meeting a month ago one of the members contacted me saying I need to be cautious in how I communicate about this group.  A person who I know told another person we were no longer going to build this.  She thought I should know.  I didn’t even know who she was talking about and I’ve stewed about this for a month.  I’ve never considered myself a gossip and I actually hate even being around it.  In last night’s meeting this topic came up again.  I told the one member I still didn’t know who she was referencing that I’d talk to.  She said that I hadn’t talked to them.  They had only heard this information and knew I was on the board for the group.  I just found it amazing how a relationship can influence.  This morning God told me to now let it go.  There was no truth to the accusation and I can go forward.  I’m sure there is a lesson in this for me but right now I’m just glad to know I didn’t cause a circle of gossiping.

I would ask for prayer for this start-up work.  We are trying to find land to build or a site we can occupy.  The need is huge in this area but for some reason the Lord is not ready.  I’m calling the realtor working with us this morning to get moving on a couple sites we could occupy.  Anyway, your prayers would be appreciated.

A year ago when I was cleaning my flower beds for the winter I found that voles had eaten many of my tulip bulbs–hundreds of them.  I was so disgusted and poisoned them.  They are gone but so were my tulips this spring.  Yesterday the box of new bulbs arrived that I ordered this summer.  So, much of today will be rejoicing in the flower beds anticipating what next spring will look like with all new bulbs blooming from today’s planting!

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