The Journey Continues: Oct. 14, 2016

As I was journaling just a few minutes ago I was asking God to show me His plan for today.  Instantly He reminded me that today is His plan.  I was wanting to know what He wanted me to do for Him today.  He was reminding me that today is His plan.  He is in all that takes place today.  It doesn’t matter if I am planting tulips like yesterday afternoon, or rototilling my garden, watching my granddaughter’s volleyball game, He is in all of the day.  I am to be a torchbearer in the day shining God’s light throughout it.  I suddenly realized that God is our best teacher.  He never quits on a lesson until we finally get it.  Even then I need to have review lessons so the learning goes deeply into my habits of living daily.  I am not to do for God, but to be for God.  The doing is simply part of every day.  I’ll probably need plenty of review lessons in this.

Yesterday was my youngest granddaughter’s birthday and Saturday is a grandson’s birthday.  Their party is on Sunday.  I look forward to this time.  There is nothing like spending time with grandkids to see what spirit-filled living looks like.  Yes, much of the spirit is the spirit of man but kids are in touch with their spirit.  I like to watch this and try to visualize myself being that free in living the freedom of God’s spirit-filled life.  He is teaching me and I am His new creation free to do this.  (So are you!)


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