The Journey Continues: Oct. 15, 2016

Today our board members for Aslan Christian Academy meet.  We will actually go look at the property two of us visited last Wednesday.  For some reason we have not been able to light on a property  up to this point.  I know that God’s timing is perfect and right.  I would love to see the work of Aslan move forward so I’d appreciate prayers this morning that we will know beyond a shadow of a doubt what God’s Spirit is telling us.  God’s Spirit only has His message.  I pray we know this One Message today.

One of the men I’ve been meeting with one on one text me last night saying he was going to his son’s concert.  His son recently announced to family and friends that he is gay and living in a relationship.  This father is struggling to know how to respond to this but he wants to show support for his son. Supporting his son is different from supporting his son’s sin.  We all struggle with this no matter what the sin is.  We want to support the sinner but not support the sinner’s sin.  Man looks at all of this and says we can’t separate the two.  As a believer in Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God, I know I must separate these two.  I’ve certainly learned this with my involvement in Celebrate Recovery and simply living life for 66 years.  I know that God does this all the time and throughout the world with all of His people.  His Holy Spirit is constantly working with us to support us while shedding light on our sinfulness.  I know God wants us to support our fellow man and He will shed the light on the sinfulness of man.  I ache for this father and I actually ache for his son.  Our society in this arena is standing in complete opposition to the sin of homosexuality.  It is attempting to teach the opposite of what God’s word says.  God’s Holy Spirit is faithful in that He will keep working with this son, but Satan has society on his side in this and that makes the deception all the more enticing.  How ugly sin is.

God is telling me to be bold in standing for Him.  I want to do this in His Name.  This new creation that I am will stand for all that God’s Word says.

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